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Contact: Minister, Ellis K. Stanley, Sr.

(203) 751-2205




Bridgeport, Conn., May, 22, 2015 – The church of Christ in Bridgeport, CT is accepting donations to assist victims of the two earthquakes that stuck Nepal this month. Due to the recent and devastating events, there are a great need in the community as well as in the lives of the worshipers of the church of Christ in Kathmandu.


The church of Christ Bridgeport started the Remote Survey of the Bible Class every Friday night 10pm-1am Eastern Standard Time, which in Nepal is 9am to 12pm on Saturdays, in August 2012. There were 5 students attending the Bible studies regularly and over the course of three years, the church of Christ supports three locations throughout Nepal participating in the class every Friday night with dozens of regularly attending students. In May 2013, after experiencing much success, the church of Christ in Bridgeport planted a church in Kathmandu, Nepal.


The congregation in Bridgeport is currently supporting the church of Christ in Kathmandu and the church of Christ Putalisadak by providing each location with a laptop, projector and internet connectivity to enable access to the remote class. The classes are free of charge to all students in Nepal and are facilitated by Brother Dev Moktan, from the church of Christ Bridgeport, and Brother Gladwyn Kiddoe, Director of the Jamaican School of Preaching.


We’re asking for all churches to donate whatever they can monetarily to the church of Christ Bridgeport who will organize and facilitate the distribution of those collected funds to the leaders of the church of Christ Putalisadak congregation. Once the funds are collected, the Patulisadak congregation will use the funds to sustain the congregation, minister to the other churches of Christ in the area who were impacted greater than themselves. They will also evangelize using this horrible disaster as an opportunity to further the Lord’s Kingdom.


If you have any questions about the churches of Christ in Nepal or the funds the church of Christ in Bridgeport is raising on their behalf, please call Brother Ellis Stanley, Sr minister at the church of Christ Bridgeport at 203-751-2205 or email us at