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We have been working on our mobile application for the past few weeks and it is finally live! If you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android device you can now download the church of Christ Bridgeport mobile app on your phone or mobile device.

The purpose of this app is to draw us even closer together by keeping us interconnected with one another each and every day. Whether it be at your home, at your job, at your school, or just out in the community around you through our new mobile app you will be able to stay connected with us through encouraging words, Scripture readings, Bible Studies, audio & video sermons, our events, and more! Now we will have an extra point of contact for reminders of events, saints called to serve responsibilities, prayer requests, and notifications of cancellations.

We pray that this new mobile application will be used as an evangelistic tool as well as we will now be able to tell our friends, family, neighbors, and visitors to download our mobile application on their mobile device to stay connected with us. The more people that download our new mobile app the larger our database will be for points of contact. Now we will be able to send invites for future events to people who have attended previous events easily and cost effectively directly to the one device people have with them all day long; their phone! Even if you don’t have a tract or one of the church’s business cards you can tell someone to download our app and we will be able to communicate with them. It’s that simple!

Click the link below of which device you have or simply search ‘church of Christ BPT‘ or ‘church of Christ Bridgeport‘ in the App Store or Google Play store from your mobile device:

Application Features:

  • Daily Bible verses & spiritual words of encouragement
  • Events (synced with your mobile device’s calendar)
  • Videos of weekly sermons & Bible studies
  • Community wall for sharing encouragement throughout the greater Bridgeport area
  • Prayer Request forums
  • Online Bible Studies (in English & in Español)

If you would like to share an encouraging thought, Bible verse, or Bible study through our mobile app and website platforms please contact us ASAP at

The mobile app and the website are linked together so nothing has changed with how we will continue to communicate through the website. And if you don’t have a smartphone don’t worry because all information will still be on our website and we will still continue to communicate with each other through our website.

God bless you all and tell everyone you know to download our mobile app today!